Posting does not necessarily mean endorsement of the particular organization responsible for the production of this documentary.

The Revolutionary Communist Group (UK) released a short documentary two weeks ago showing the re-election of Hugo Frias Chavez. The film is based on interviews with supporters of Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution in the countries capital, Caracas. The film itself is beautifully shot and further illustrates the overwhelming popular support that Chavez holds. There is another film slated to be released at some point in the near future. At a time of global capitalist crisis and the near end of the sovereignty won in the twentieth century, documentaries like this serve not just as inspiration but also to combat the prevailing bourgeois media which continues to deceptively influence millions daily.


After a much needed break from most things political, I am back and hope to have this blog updated more consistently than ever.

The Maoists in India, also known as the Naxalites, are currently engaged in a revolutionary people’s war against the State. This report is a excellent overview of the intentions of the Naxalites, the economic conditions which presently exist in India, and the Indian state’s repressions of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) as well as the indigenous population. Though I have ideological differences with Maoism, this blog fully endorses the Naxalite movement and the march towards a Socialist India.

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